Popie's Story

Popie Shapiro was born in 1929 to Otto and Frances Schimmel. She grew up in an Orthodox Jewish family where food was an integral part of their lives. During her formative years, Popie was exposed to recipes that had been shared across generations. She developed a love and deep appreciation for the traditions and customs that these recipes represent. Over the years, Popie continued to add to her recipe library and became a master in the kitchen. In 1993, with encouragement from her family, Popie compiled all of her favorite recipes into this cookbook, cheekily titled "After I'm Gone: Recipes for the Hereafter." Her hope was that her cookbook, along with some of the great memories and traditions, would be shared for generations to come.  

From her family:

Popie passed away on July 1st, 2017 from complications related to dementia. Inspired by her plight and that of fellow patients, we have decided to memorialize her legacy through this cookbook and use it as a tool to continue the fight against Alzheimer's. We will be donating all proceeds from the sale of this cookbook to Alzheimer's care, support and research. We hope that this cookbook will inspire many more memories for generations to come.